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We are a small startup from Germany, concepting, developing and marketing games and software solutions. In june, we published our first game on steam called "Mülltrennungssimulator 2021" and are already working on our next project. Our ambition is to become a large player in the software industry.

Right now, we are five crew members, working towards our vision with the support of many external partners. We value respect, honesty and good consideration when working together. Positive and focussed communication is the key to success and we take high efforts to guarantee it at any time.

Our journey began on the 12th of February 2020 when we came together to discuss the idea of developing together as a team. At first, this project was not meant to be serious. However, as our discussion continued, we liked the concept more and more and finally decided to found a startup. Since then we worked on a couple of projects and released our first game on Steam. In the future, we hope to keep on inspiring people with our work and passion.
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